Anambra Support Groups & Obidients Movement for Valentine Ozigbo

Communiqué from Anambra Support Groups & Obidients Movement for Valentine Ozigbo

In an assembly of vision, unity, and progressive resolve, the 85 support groups along with the Obidient Movement, convened at the Labour Party Campaign Office, Udoka Estate, Awka, Anambra State, on the auspicious day of Saturday, 27th January 2024. Our gathering, marked by fervent discussions and strategic deliberations:

Having carefully reviewed the political landscape of Anambra, having analysed the performance of the sitting governor who is openly running for a 2nd term, having conducted local polls and analysed independent public polls, and having considered the need for Anambra to embrace a compassionate, competent and emotionally intelligent leader with the capacity to lead, we, hereby, come to the resolutions:

1. Formation of a Unified Body

We have coalesced into a formidable entity under the banner of the Anambra State SGs/Obidient Movement for VCO. In this unity, we express our unwavering conviction that the Labour Party in Anambra should champion only those candidates whose caliber, vision, and capacity align with the lofty aspirations of our great party. Amongst the galaxy of aspirants, we recognise Mr. Valentine Ozigbo as the beacon of hope and transformation, a corporate titan and a true Obidient, poised to ignite the flames of the New Nigeria Agenda in Anambra State.

2. Unwavering Support for Valentine Ozigbo

Our allegiance is unequivocally pledged to Mr. Valentine Chineto Ozigbo (VCO). His steadfast support and involvement in the SGs/Obidients’ initiatives, spanning national to state levels, have been unparalleled. He embodies the very ethos of our movement, offering support that ranges from moral guidance to financial assistance. His commitment to the New Nigeria Project places him at the vanguard of progressive change.

3. Firm Resolution and Expected Acceptance From the Party

We assert, with utmost clarity and determination, our stance as the Anambra State Support Groups and the Obidient Movement for VCO. We thereby present him as the best candidate so far and ask the party to make his mandate a reality. He is very articulate as a candidate, and full of capacity. Our full support will be given to him if the party hands the gubernatorial flag to him.

4. Convention Preparations and Committee Formation

Looking ahead, we have outlined plans for our forthcoming convention in April. In preparation, we have established three pivotal committees – Welfare, Media, and Mobilisation – each consisting of nine dedicated members representing the three senatorial zones of Anambra State, to ensure a holistic and effective approach.

5. Call to Action for Members

We encourage all members to actively engage with the Labour Party at their respective ward levels. Your involvement and support are essential to the continued vitality and success of our party’s endeavors.

In solidarity and commitment to our shared vision for a renewed and thriving Anambra, this communique is signed and ratified by the ANAMBRA SUPPORT GROUPS/ OBIDIENT MOVEMENT FOR VCO:

Chief Charles Obiora Anueyiagu
Lead Coordinator

Amb. Dr. Justin Kingland (DrM)

29th January 2024

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